hickory hardwood flooring

hickory hardwood flooring

Hickory Hardwood Flooring Guide

You are definitely interested in purchasing hardwood flooring for your new home. The question is which hardwood species. There are many, all with their individual strengths and appeal. One species makes the top of the list in popularity and durability–hickory.

Strong & Handsome

The challenge in choosing wood floors is to combine strength and beauty. You have both in hickory. This species of hardwood flooring gets its toughness from its density. This hard hardwood resists the tough wear and tear that comes from daily living. It stands up to scruffs and scrapes, and it is known for its ability to withstand shocks, such as dropping heavy objects like frying pans, on the floor. These qualities make it an excellent flooring choice for families or rooms that receive high traffic.

The good news is the strength does not detract from the beauty of this wood with its gorgeous grain and variations in planks, plus the knots for visual interest. The rustic styles of hickory carry more knots, while the polished styles carry fewer. Choose your favorite from many styles and colors.

Beauty comes from the range of colors you have to select–everything from light tans to rich reds, and of course, beautiful browns. This way you can select the color and style of hickory hardwood that complements your décor.

Can you picture handsome hickory on your floors with your kids playing happily and your dog romping around them? You will be happy, too, to find hickory is affordable, available and easy to maintain.



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